The Designer


Art and design has always been a passion of mine. As a young girl I remember spending much of my time sketching fashion ideas which eventually led me into designing bridal accessories.  


I love to design and create beautiful pieces, playing with colours and investigating new materials and techniques.  I like to mix old with new, traditional and contemporary, and I am always on the lookout for new pieces that could be combined into my designs.


My bridal collection is based around the idea of the modern day vintage bride, incorporating individually sourced vintage pieces with freshwater pearls, gemstones, crystals, lace and paper flowers.


Each piece is created with care and attention to detail, making something extraordinary out of the ordinary. 


I take commissions so please contact me via my 'Contact Page' if you require a custom made piece.


Hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoyed creating them.




Owner, Designer, Maker